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Best Practices for /etc/sudoers

Sudo is a powerful tool that allows users to execute commands with root privileges on a Linux system. Sudo is typically used to allow users to perform administrative tasks without giving them full access to the root account. The sudoers file, located at /etc/sudoers, controls which users can use sudo and what commands they are…

Fiber Factoids, Part 1 – A primer on common fiber optic cable types

If you’ve been in the IT industry for any amount of time you are likely to have ran across fiber optic patch cables in use in various different installations. Typically, you will most often see fiber optic cables used for an uplink to an internet service provider, in between network devices between buildings in a…

What is a null route and why do I need one?

Definition There are several names for a null route, such as a “bit bucket”, a “black hole”, or just a null0 route. They all refer to the same basic mechanism that points traffic to a virtual interface on a router. That in turn is used for managing unwanted traffic to prevent loops or entering routes…

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